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100% Polyester Machine Washable Tapestries 

We truly value the unique look of each and every room. Our stock rotates weekly to ensure you always have something unique in your home.

  • "I bought 4 pieces so far and can't stop coming back. The quality is better than going to the store, and the convenience is too good."

    Joseph T, Windsor, ON.

  • "My mom bought me a Naruto piece, after finding out where she got it I had to order more."

    Anthony Y, Phoenix, AZ.

  • "The customer service is honestly what surprised me the most. The quality of the art is amazing, but the way they took care of me was out of this world!"

    Lisa H, Manchester, UK.

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  • "Wasn't expecting such quality and quick delivery! My new go-to when I want to decorate a room."

    Andrew G, Vancouver, BC.

  • "Will always recommend this to friends who want to add some life into their living room!"

    Ashley K, Tampa, FL.

  • "I couldn't wait to invite friends over after hanging up the pieces I bought! My friends immediately wanted to order their own."

    Stephen H, Calgary, AB.

  • "The fact Trinity Decor was willing to add pieces they didn't have available yet, really shows they care about their customers."

    Alex G, Toronto, ON.